Friday, August 23, 2019

MY LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH "TikTok" - no, not Ke$ha's song 🤣

Is it just me or is TikTok rivaling FORT NITE these days on the "WHAT'S DRIVING PARENTS MOST CRAZY" scale?!'s non-stop!

I mean every time I look over at my passenger side my daughter is videotaping herself doing who knows some crazy song or new parody for all the world to see in hopes that the video goes viral and she'll become TIK TOK FAMOUS...yes, sadly, that's a thing!

Here's me secretly recording her in the car doing a TikTok - lol! (and yes, if you are wondering, my car was in park!)

This is truly what's going on in my car EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. OF. EVERY. SINGLE. CAR. RIDE...

And don't judge me...if you are reading this you know it happens in your car too...if not...stop reading. an effort to NOT be "THAT MOM" who hates everything these young kids do these days (just typing those words make me feel ancient) in an effort to be "cool" and not "un-cool" I've asked to watch some of the videos to see what all the hype is about...

And honestly, as much as I hate how it consumes their every waking hour, some of these little skits are actually funny 🤣
For example...this is Baylie and Cat lip-syncing a scene from the Kardashians...

I know, I'm biased, but both of these girls seem to have some acting chops...or at least some great comedic timing 😂.
(for more Baylie & Cat Shenanigans you can follow them on TikTok 
Baylie: @bayliebech
Catalina: @_ccatalinaa 
Oh yeah, Jake is on there too and some of his videos have had almost 20k likes - ha! 
Jake: @jake_bechtel40

I guess my point's not ALL BAD, but as with everything in life, it's definitely something kids should do in moderation...and something parents need to check in on now and then...

If you want the whole backstory on if you're wondering "didn't this used to be" does it work, who's behind it, how much money does it make???,'s a good article that covers all you ever wanted to know.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...feel free to drop me a line or hey, your favorite TikTok...let's make it go VIRAL - LOL!

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