Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ever heard of a PRINTABLE PARTY?

What in the world?

It's quite brilliant if you ask me.

Let me paint a picture:

You have a party coming come up with all kinds of great ideas, you pick the perfect theme, plan to order a cake and decide on the coolest decor...

But then, you know, LIFE gets in the way and the next thing you know the party is TOMORROW...and you forgot EVERYTHING!!! 

PANIC MODE sets in...😬

We've all been there...

In the past, or the good ol' days as I sometimes refer to them, you were S.O.L. (I'm sure you can figure out what it means)

But luckily with today's technology, you can still pull off a really cool party in a pinch and on a BUDGET!

And it's as easy as ETSY!

What's ETSY you ask???

In a nutshell: It's an AMAZING online community of artists & super crafty people who create unique items you can buy online and download IMMEDIATELY!!! 🤯


Say for instance you want to throw a theme party...say a PRINCESS PARTY or a DINOSAUR PARTY...simply search for your keyword 'PRINCESS' or 'DINOSAUR' and will find a TON of ideas, inspiration and most importantly PRINTABLES that you can download in seconds...

ANDDDD they are super affordable!

And if you didn't wait til the last minute because you are an overachiever/super mom...most of these items can be PERSONALIZED with names, dates, ages, photos, etc...let your imagination run wild!

Here's a look at what I'm talking the links...
* thank you cards
cupcake toppers 
treat toppers 
water bottle wraps
8x10 party signs 
favor tags 

The best part: you can print most of this stuff at home (IF YOU NEED IT NOW!) or send the files to your local print shop (UPS, Staples, Office Depot) and next thing you know you look like MARTHA FREAKIN' STEWART! 

And there you you've heard of a PRINTABLE PARTY!

Think of the possibilities: anniversaries, bridal or baby showers, bachelorette parties, sweet sixteen, 1st birthdays, graduation, weddings...any and every type of event/party/theme you can dream up!

It's truly a LIFESAVER!

Etsy is also a one-stop shop for one-of-a-kind gift ideas you won't find anywhere else: 

The Real Housewives of YOUR HOMETOWN

'You had me at Baseball' Mom Tee 
Custom Magazine Cover
Custom Garden Flags

So much fun stuff all in one place! 

So next time you are planning a party...make sure to check out Etsy and my shop DREAM DESIGNS many great ideas in one place and perfect if you need something quick and budget-friendly! (ps...ask me if you'd like something custom, that's my specialty!)

Please feel free to share with a friend! 
Sharing is CARING :) 

BONUS: If you like FREEBIES (and who doesn't?), leave a comment below, let me know what think of the blog and I'll send you "THE ULTIMATE MOM'S TO-DO LIST" printable for FREE! It will help you keep track of everything on your to-do list and MORE! 😘 

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