Friday, November 2, 2018


It seems like every month iPhone comes out with some sort of new update...

A lot of times they are "fixes" for bugs triggered by previous updates...

But sometimes they are ACTUALLY PRETTY COOL and USEFUL!

I take A LOT of pictures...

Like I mean A LOT...

Yes, you read right, that's more than 93,000 PHOTOS on my iPHONE!!!
(Don't judge...or do, whatever ;)

I also have close to 9,000 VIDEOS on my this one of Baylie stunting at Cheer Express:

And countless SCREENSHOTS, like this one I took of Jake's football playoff schedule, I grabbed it off of Facebook:

Screenshots are a lifesaver for me, they are like a substitute for my short-term memory which seems to be non-existent these days...(hence the name of the blog: My Kids Stole My Brain!) you can see I love to take pictures & videos...which is a blessing and a curse...

It's GOOD THING because I have pretty much documented my kids' ENTIRE CHILDHOOD on my iPhone...

It's also a good thing for my friends...because I have also documented most of THEIR kids' childhood as well.

I'm pretty much the "go-to" mom when you're looking for that one photo you took on so-and-so date in so-in-so's class or at so-and-so get the "picture" - ha! (pun not intended, but love that it happened!)

So, the NOT-SO-GOOD part...up until recently....was trying to sort through tens-of-thousands-of-pictures to find the picture I was looking was like, yes, you know it's trying to find a NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK.

Well that's all changed!

iPhone has come out with what I consider a GAME CHANGER!

(in my mom opinion)


Simply type in a KEYWORD: CAT, DOG, BEACH, POOL, PUMPKIN, CHAIR and voila...every picture you have ever taken that includes that word pops up!

I've put together a short video to show you EXACTLY how it works...check it out:

In case you missed the must search "brassiere"'s a HOOT!!! (AGAIN, PUN INTENDED!!!) I won't share what came up on my phone 😂😳...

So there you have it, what I truly consider the BEST iPHONE FEATURE EVER!!!
IT'S A TIME SAVER...LIFE CHANGER & I SWEAR YOUR FRIENDS WILL THINK YOU ARE A WIZARD next time you are reminiscing about that "one day" and you pull up a picture lickity-split!

So what's your favorite iPhone feature?

I'd love to hear from you...drop a line below in comments...

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