Tuesday, November 20, 2018

25 things I'm THANKFUL for...but probably won't share at the Thanksgiving dinner table (#24 might be my favorite)

It’s that time of year…time to gather ‘round the dinner table with family and friends and share what we are MOST THANKFUL for…

Well this year, I thought I’d shake things up…

Instead of sharing the obvious things I'm thankful for: health, happiness and a loving family…

I’m keeping it real and sharing things that I’m TRULY THANKFUL for…but probably won't share at the dinner table.

So here goes:

  1. When I open up the washer or dryer fully expecting to find it full of clothes and it’s EMPTY!
  2. When I’m making a salad and I grab a knife sharp enough to cut a tomato…you know, like so sharp it slices right through and keeps all the tomato insides intact so they don’t leak all over the other stuff
  3. Days my dog doesn’t jump out of bed at the crack of dawn to go to the bathroom and instead let’s me sleep in and maybe even sneak out of bed to grab a cup of coffee and return before he wakes…or any day my husband let’s him out to pee for me
  4. When I’m folding clothes and actually find the match to EVERY SINGLE SOCK I put in the washer
  5. When I get to the checkout at Publix or Target and I’m 4th in line and a cashier in the next line signals me over and turns on the light (THE BEST!)
  6. When I’m in a hurry and EVERY SINGLE LIGHT IS GREEN!
  7. People with COMMON FREAKIN’ SENSE.
  8. When I have a free day to BINGE WATCH WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!
  9. A super cold Coke Zero
  10. When no one sits next to me at the movie theater or on the plane or really anywhere for that matter
  11. That one second at the end of the day when no one is asking me for something.
  12. That one second at the beginning of the day when no one is asking me for something
  13. A nice, long, hot shower without any visitors
  14. When the shampoo comes out like it’s supposed to without me having to squeeze the bah-jesus out of it or bang it against my hand
  15. When I order a glass of wine and get a proper pour
  16. Valet parking
  17. Moms who keep it real
  18. Kids who say please and thank you and look you in the eye
  19. People who keep their political opinions to their self
  20. When there’s no toilet paper left, but someone remembered to put an extra roll behind me
  21. When I’m talking to someone and don’t actually hear what they’ve said but somehow manage to come up with the right reaction to whatever it was and we both laugh
  22. When I witness someone doing the right thing when no one else is looking
  23. When I see my son/daughter do or say something to a stranger that makes me proud and let’s me know they actually are LISTENING & that I'm raising them right
  24. When I find extra french fries at the bottom of my McDonald's bag
  25. And last, but certainly not least, of course I’m thankful for all of you for supporting my silly little blog and taking the time to read it and let me know that you have read it and that you enjoy it…even if you are just being nice!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Not just being nice... thoroughly enjoy your blog AND your “real” friendship AND that even in a crowded room FULL of kids Jake still says hello to me 😇

    1. AWWWWW...YOU ARE TOO SWEET JOEI :) I feel the same way about our friendship! You are always the sweetest and kindest person with the purest heart and you have two super kiddos :) Thanks for sharing xoxo