Friday, October 12, 2018

The BEST HALLOWEEN TRICK I ever played on my kids!

Notice the pumpkins next to their feet

So I don't know about you, but when my kids were younger, I lived for this 👆👆👆reaction...

I mean, c'mon...isn't that face THE BEST?!

I guess I still do, but as they get older, let's be honest, kids aren't as easy to surprise or delight or...ANYTHING😂 

We all lose that little bit of "wonder" as we grow up. That's what makes moments like this one so special!

So what garnered this particular reaction from my daughter? 

Honestly, she was completely FREAKED OUT that the pumpkin seeds she planted the night before, not only turned into a real-life pumpkin, but also had her favorite Disney princess (at the time) stenciled on it! 
Star Wars for Jake, Snow White for Baylie

Such a fun "trick" 
**scroll down to see how the magic happened!

SCORE ONE for mom!

My son was also surprised, but I didn't catch it on camera😆

Gawwwd, do I miss the days of these cute little Disney PJs!

Fast forward to the "tween" stage 👻👇

Halloween Lansbrook style!
The kids always come up with the cutest costumes!
Here's my baby boy's first, puppy love!
And my baby sweet :)

If you're like me (a busy mom) and haven't found a costume for yourself yet... CLICK HERE for some fun "MOM" options! 

These are super cute and FUN!

I'm all about KEEPING IT REAL! ENJOY! 

**oh yeah, for those of you who didn't figure it out, the trick is to take some pumpkin seeds and "plant" them the night before, then place the pumpkins in the same spot the next morning before waking the kids 👻

If you read down this far, thank you! 

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