Friday, August 31, 2018

Why I think this video went VIRAL!

This video got more than 10k views!!!
Don't believe me, see for yourself by clicking here!

We've all seen VIRAL VIDEOS, those videos that are so funny, so weird, so unbelievable, so heartwarming (my favorite kind) that they are shared over and over and OVER again, but have you ever wondered how videos go VIRAL in the first place?

Me too!

Ok, first, you have to admit it's fun and somewhat exciting when you post something that people actually connect and engage with, comment on and SHARE! (if you don't find this fun, you're probably in the wrong place, because I'm all about engagement and sharing and liking and commenting...and let's face it, everyone wants to be liked)

Anyways, the reason I think this particular video went viral is completely counter-intuitive to everything I ever learned in J-school (that's what we called UF's College of Journalism back in my day) about how to produce a quality video. In J-school I was taught to white balance, frame the shot, shoot a lot of b-roll and for God's sakes USE A TRIPOD...and don't forget when you are in front of the camera: brush your hair, look presentable because that's what viewers expect.

The reason this video went viral is exactly the opposite of all of those things, there was NO PLANNING:
* the song just happened to be on
* I shot it on my iPhone which is always close by
* The lighting was less than ideal and I definitely didn't have a tripod
* My subject, Baylie, just went for it, she just started dancing (most know she never turns down an opportunity to ham it up in the front of the camera!)
* And the rest of the family joined in...It was all completely ORGANIC!

Just a day in the life of my crazy family caught on my iphone that a lot of people could relate to.

So my point is this, people want to see the REAL YOU, not the "my-life-is-perfect-and-my-kids-are-perfect-and-we-all-have-our-shit-together" version. The real you is what people want. That's what people engage with and connect to and relate to. (Oh yeah, hashtags help too...more on that in another post...ahem Missy & Janie)

I'm just keeping it real.

What's your favorite viral video? Leave me a comment below, I'd love to see it!

**disclaimer: in the real world you really need 1m plus views to be defined as viral, but in my world we're going with 10k :).

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