Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Anyone else ever wish you grew up in a different era?

I do! And this video is one reason why...

Baylie & friends doing updated Miss Mary Mack clapping game 2018
How cool would it be to have videos of you and your friends doing Miss Mary Mack back in the day? Or any video of you and your friends doing anything for that matter. (I know, I know, there are some things that we are all glad are NOT ON VIDEO).

But hear me out...

I kind of secretly wish I was a kid nowadays. And not just because my old bones wouldn't ache so much, but because of all of the NEW TECHNOLOGY! It's AMAZING! (obviously there's a downside, but that's not what this post is about. Check out this article about the upside).

I love everything about technology and social media, it fascinates me! It's the "keeping up with it" part that's hard for me and why I wish I was a kid again. It comes so easy for them, it's like they are born with it, automatically wired to "get it".

Oh well, I'm still gonna try my best to stay on top of the trends (insert Baylie's eyeroll here - btw: you can follow her on Instagram HERE). You can join me if you like. My hope is to share some of my more interesting finds on my blog.

MY TIP OF THE DAY: If you haven't already done so, open an Instagram or YouTube account. I use both sort of like a scrapbook of my life and times (a.k.a....a way to remember everything I've done once I've officially lost my mind!)

By the way if you have any social media tips to share please do so in the comments below :) 

Remember it's all about "keeping it real!"
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