Thursday, June 26, 2014


Chilling Poolside
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! There's nothing like the lazy days of summer: sleeping in, spending the whole day in & out of the pool, lounging around with your friends, drinking fresh made lemonade and snacking your way through the day while mom sits by sipping on (gulping down) her wine spritzer, right?!

Don't we all wish!!! I don't know about you, but sometimes summer can be more work than school! When they're in camp you gotta pack a lunch, slather them with sunblock & bug spray, pack an extra pair of clothes (just in case), make goggles appear out of thin air and when they return home, it's time to clean their filthy clothes and's exhausting!!! And whether they are in camp or not, my kids LIVE in the pool, only coming up for air to let me know they are STARVING, so it's back to the kitchen for me. Between that and keeping up with all the towels they go through I feel like I work at a towel cleaning factory, constantly washing/drying trying to keep up with the supply and demand between my kids and their friends! However, a little side note: I will pass along a little secret I finally learned about this summer to save my sanity and lower my electric bill....when the kids are done with the towels, lay them out in the sun to dry and refold them - that's right, they can use them more than once, I know, it's not rocket science to some, but it was life-changing for it's up to you how many times you dry/fold and repeat :)....

"KALE-licious Summer Salad"
So enough about that, as promised, here's the "recipe" for my "Kale-licious Summer Salad" - I purposely put the word "recipe" in quotes because once you get the basic list of ingredients it's pretty much up to you how much/little you add or don't add depending on your taste and what you have in your fridge. In fact, my friend Wendy made a few modifications to the "recipe" yesterday...removing the main ingredient - Kale (gasp!) - and I must admit, it was DELICIOUS!!! So here goes:
Ingredients List:
- Organic Kale (steam it)
- Chopped Red Peppers (moderate amount)
- Chopped Red Onion (not too much, it can be overbearing)
- Chopped Avocado (must-have ingredient, in my opinion)
- 1 bag of Brown Rice & Quinoa (There are two brands I've found, "Seeds of Change" - $3.99/bag or "Uncle Ben's Quinoa & Brown Rice with Garlic" which is a lot less and just as good) - these are the :90 second, cook it in your microwave variety!
- Crumbled Feta Cheese (I only add about 2 Tablespoons, it can become too overbearing)
- Chopped Cucumber
DRESSING - The best part & oh, so easy!!!
Equal parts Organic Dijon Mustard (I believe I use Publix brand) & Olive Oil
Whisk these two ingredients together then add lemon juice (fresh or bottled) & Sea Salt to taste
This dressing is quick and easy and DELICIOUS on anything, I actually crave it, it's so good! The key is the whisking, feel free to taste it as you make it and add more or less of whatever you like to make it yours. And that's it. You can serve it warm or cold. It holds for about a day in the fridge, so you can make it ahead of time. I usually leave the dressing on the side, otherwise it can make the salad a little soggy and also guests can add as much or as little as they want. I prefer not to "over-dress" this salad because I really like to taste all the yummy/fresh ingredients! Oh yes, like I mentioned earlier, my friend Wendy recreated it last night using what she had in her fridge, she substituted steamed broccoli for the Kale and left out the avocado, I think we just forgot about avocado because she did have some and we used brown mustard instead of dijon and I must say, it was VERY GOOD! So feel free to make any modifications you like, depending on what you've got on hand or according to your particular tastes. I promise, this salad will be a big hit! And the best part, it's GOOD FOR YOU TOO! My kids eat it up! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think and definitely share this "recipe" with your friends!
Happy Summer! Here's to keeping it SIMPLE!

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