Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Newtown...never forget!

I don't have a lot of time today...but when do any of us ever have all the time we need. In the few moments I did have to myself this afternoon, I finally got around to reading my People magazine (the one that's been taking up space on my nightstand for weeks, along with a bunch of other things I plan to read/get to - one day!)
Inside was a heart-wrenching article featuring some of the parents who lost children in the Newtown school shooting. How powerful! And what a remarkable reminder of how precious and short life is.
The article ended with a list of websites started by families and friends of the victims...I thought I'd take a moment to pass them along as my little way of paying it forward and keeping their memory alive.

Helping the Families of Newtown (all these children were 1st graders, only 6-7 years old)
daniel barden -
olivia engel -
josephine gay -
catherine hubbard -
jesse lewis -
emilie parker -
noah pozner -
jessica rekos -


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