Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oops! Almost forgot to post the follow-up!

Here's the follow-up to the Mystery of Baylie's missing tooth...

Baylie apparently felt really bad about losing her tooth taking her tooth out of the bag that Mommy so painstakingly prepared on her nightstand to make it easier for the "tooth fairy" to retrieve that she wrote an apology letter to the Tooth Fairy... listen
(if you missed part one, check it out  HERE)

Now, I don't know about you, but notice she's holding the letter up to the camera and reading backwards through the paper - WTH, is she a wizard? I know this isn't a great talent, but keep in mind, she only just turned 6!
Oh yeah, one more thing, if you follow this blog regularly or know me at all personally, you know I love to videotape EVERYTHING MY KIDS DO...
You might also know that I love to joke around with my kids and they both have an excellent sense of humor, especially Baylie, she's very sarcastic too and I have NO IDEA where she gets it from yes I do!
So I hope you can appreciate how much joy I got out of her staring into the camera after she finished reading her letter and waiting for me to stop videotaping. Usually when she's done, she's the first one to yell cut (like the little movie director-in-training that she is) and say "Can I see it Mommy?!", but she didn't say "cut" and I didn't stop rolling...I love her little expression when she finally realizes it! PRICELESS!!!

Oh yeah...we never did find the missing tooth! Must be out in the backyard somewhere??!!

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