Thursday, March 7, 2013

Movie Night with Mom!

My post on "Movie Night with Mom!" is coming up...but first a quick thought:

A friend of mine recently pointed out something very interesting about time. She said the 3-4 hour stretch between the kids getting home from school and bedtime can sometimes seem like an eternity, but you can blink and the next thing you know 3-4 months have flown by....that's how I feel. I can't believe how long it's been since I've written this blog. I do miss it, but every time I get a chance to sit down and write, something comes up...guess that's just LIFE! I'm sure you can relate...

So now that my kids are teetering on the brink of 6 and 8 I'm realizing how fast these precious childhood years are flying by. It's unreal! I swear some mornings my son wakes up an inch or two taller and my daughter says something so beyond her years it blows me away (not always in a good way :)...what happened to my babies? (sniff, sniff)

So instead of sitting by and watching these precious moments slip away, I'm doing what everyone always says to do...I'm trying my best to live in the moment, take full advantage of this time we have together and make great memories along the way that will last a lifetime...but I'm keeping it simple...introducing "Movie Night with Mom!"

Here's what I did:
I gave both kids a special "Movie Night with Mom!" ticket, which included a cool cut-off part they could redeem for popcorn.
They were able to use this ticket whenever they wanted and they could pick the movie. So of course, no surprise, they both redeemed their tickets right there on the spot - #instantgratificationgeneration
You should've seen the look on their cute little faces when I handed over what felt like the "GOLDEN TICKET"...It was nothing fancy, as you can see, I just ripped two pieces of paper out of my notepad and used a permanent marker to make the "ticket" on the back. Jake even got in on the fun and made up some additional tickets... for him, one for Baylie...good for extra goodies, like more drinks and extra food - ha! Gotta love that boy! 
So we had a great time watching RISE OF THE GUARDIANS (great movie!) together on Apple TV. I set them up in their own "VIP" section next to my bed (a.k.a. Their own blanket on the floor so they wouldn't get popcorn all over my bed!)
What a fun family night! (oh yeah, Daddy wasn't there because he was playing baseball)...It was something SO SIMPLE that I thought of last minute that I know we are all going to remember for a long time. You should give it a try with your own can work with all kinds of fun activities - game night with mom, dinner with mom, baking with mom...the possibilities are endless and the best part (besides spending quality time with the kids) you don't need to be a super mom oozing with creativity to do this...all you need is some paper and some popcorn...I promise, the payoff is PRICELESS!
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