Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ohhh sleep...where are you???

This pretty much sums it up!
It's 4am Tuesday morning. I have to "wake up" in about 2 hours to start the day and get the kids off to school - which these days for Baylie only lasts 3 hours (2 1/2 hrs if you count the time it takes me to drop her off and then turn around and pick her up, she's only in Pre-K)...but my point is, I'M STILL AWAKE!

Why, you might ask? I can't turn off the TO-DO LIST in my head....ugh, curse you TO-DO LIST! Why do you torment me so? Just when I think blessed sleep is within reach you rewind and start all over again like a broken record (for those of you not familiar, a record is similar to a CD, google it!)

Hopefully, YOU will read this after a restful night of sleep, if so, I'm happy for you, if not, welcome to the club...a club I'd really like to "de-friend!"
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