Friday, September 9, 2011


When taking pictures of my kids I often find myself making excuses for my daughter's "grown up" poses. It happened this morning at the bus stop and that's what made me think of writing this particular post. I'm not sure why I feel compelled to make excuses, quite honestly, I think it's adorable, she's just a ham, but I know there are some parents (esp. moms) out there who think I actually teach her how to pose...think TODDLERS & TIARAS (don't act like you don't watch it! It's my guilty pleasure too, makes me feel like a SUPER MOM!) Personally, I would NEVER put my own daughter in pageants, but I won't judge you if you do (ok, I will, but only behind your back - ha!)  So to prove my point, that LADY GAGA was right...everybody is just "BORN THIS WAY!"...I dug up a few pictures from the past and as you'll see...posing is part of my daughter's DNA...

Her "go-to" pose - BALLERINA!

Thank goodness she's not the only one posing here :)
This one reminds me of a MISS USA pose, only with ice cream!

Another pose she's currently perfecting

I can't even get my body to do this pose :)

(she was showing me a boo boo on her finger, I swear!)
The last picture literally made me LMAO. I actually had to stop laughing because I was afraid it might encourage her to do it more - ha! So from now on, no more excuses, I'm just going to sit back, smile and soak up every second of her sassiness...after all, she won't be young forever!

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