Monday, August 1, 2011


So, my friend Laura, who I've mentioned before (and secretly idolize for her style), is the inspiration for today's post...

It's all about BRIGHT IDEAS! And both are must-haves for women!

1. Ever heard of makeup with built-in LED LIGHTS? 
(If you have you probably want to stop reading because it's possible I'm behind the curve on this :)...If not, keep reading because this is really cool! Seriously, I can't believe I'm just now learning about this. Laura and I were out with some friends a few weeks back and she pulls out her lip gloss to freshen up, but this isn't your ordinary lip gloss (I guess I should come to expect nothing is ORDINARY when it comes to Laura!) When you open it, The side attached to the applicator LIGHTS UP! And as if that's not magnificent enough, there's a mirror on the side of the tube (a real mirror, not one of those fuzzy "funhouse" mirrors that are truly worthless) so you can watch as you apply, how cool is that? LOVE IT! You can check it out for yourself here --> LIGHT UP MAKEUP - they have light up nail polish and mascara too! (Btw, I'm not a paid spokesperson for this company, although that would be really cool, I just think this is a really cool concept and definitely a conversation starter if you're into that sort of thing.)

2. I ran across today's second MUST-HAVE during one of my marathon web surfing sessions (you know when you log on to check the weather for the next day and find yourself sitting in the same spot 4 hours later buying something you absolutely don't need but somehow convinced yourself you did because you're in a computer coma and you have no brain cells left anyways thanks to your kids?!). So I'm talking about LIGHT-UP SHOES and no, not SKECHERS (Thankfully, I'm not that far behind the fashion curve.) These are LIGHT UP HIGH HEELS! What will they think of next? Just plug 'em in, charge 'em up and dance the night away on your very own glow sticks :).  I know, I know, they cost an arm and a leg, but with the way things are going in Washington DC these days with the debt crisis we are all gonna be poor soon anyways, so might as well GO SHOPPING!!! (kidding, sort of!) HAPPY MONDAY!

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