Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My kids are 6 and 4 and it's OFFICIAL..they already want to spend more time with their friends than their mom (sniff, sniff)...
First Day of School (Jake 6, Baylie 4)
The Whole Crew
People always say "they grow up so fast", but it's so hard to believe they will ever grow up when they are babies. Especially in the middle of the night, when you are working on 2 1/2 hours of sleep total over the past 3-4 days and they are crying for HOURS AND HOURS and you can't figure out why or what they need. I remember sitting in my closet, not too long after I had Jake, wondering when his REAL PARENTS were coming to pick him up. I had no business raising another human being, especially in my sleep-deprived state (did I mention I watched Oprah daily and cried like a baby every time?) I so desperately wanted someone to come to my rescue and take him for a few hours so I could get some much needed rest, but at the same time (and I blame this on crazy pregger hormones) I wouldn't allow him out of my sight for more than 3 seconds at a time...yes, I was a loon, but at least I can admit it. 

Then there are the "in-between" months/years when they throw a fit if you walk out of their line of sight (I mean seriously, MOMS HAVE TO USE THE BATHROOM TOO!). Both my kids were like this. On one hand, it's kind of nice to have someone LOVE YOU THAT MUCH. On the other hand, when you really need a night out with adults IT STINKS! Especially as a mom (in my opinion) because I don't know about you, but I believe moms have this primal urge to always protect their offspring and it seriously BROKE MY HEART to see them cry when I left them with someone else (grandparents first, preschool next and eventually a babysitter). I truly admire women who are able to go out & enjoy some alone time when their babies are young, but I couldn't leave Jake alone until he was almost 6 months old and even then I went to a house party three doors down, left him with the grandparents, was only gone for 30 minutes and probably called every 5 minutes to check up on him/them - I know, I was pathetic.

OK, so my point is this, now that they are "ALL GROWN UP" they would rather spend EVERY SECOND with their friends! I have turned into the proverbial "CHOPPED LIVER" - in fact, sometimes Baylie even calls me that when I remind (beg) her to give me a kiss before she darts off across the street to hang out with her BFF!

Back in the day, when they were in their terrible twos/threes/early 4's/5's and babyhood) I would've given anything for them to want to spend a moment apart from me. But now, I have to admit, it's kind of sad...I mean, if they feel this way now, what are the teenage years going to be like??? Never mind, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

One of my dear friends drove her son to college over the weekend and she is SUPER SAD - if you've seen TOY STORY 3, you know what I mean. It's just so crazy, because I remember driving away with my friend Kathy after H.S. graduation (not very long ago :), headed for UF, waving goodbye to my mom, who I loved dearly...and all I could think about was how excited I was to start a new chapter in my life (or maybe just the party we were headed to with the older college guys - ha!)...I had NO IDEA how sad my mom probably was to see me go (ok, maybe she wasn't, I was a bit of a handful, but for the sake of this story, let's just pretend)...

Now that I'm a parent, it's becoming ALL TOO REAL, TOO FAST. I want to freeze them in time so that they'll always love me like they did when they were babies...

For now, the one thing that keeps me going, is that at the very least, I know for sure, I will always be their FIRST LOVE!

Jake - 2 weeks (smiling b/c he's dreaming of Mommy!)

Baylie (7 months - all hopped up on caffeine, wondering when I'm going to finally let her wear lipstick!)

Friday, August 19, 2011


I'M BACK....ok, I've been back for 5 days now, but I've been busy unpacking (my liver) and getting ready for school - YEE HAW!!! I'M SO EXCITED SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER!!!

So....New Orleans was a blast! The FOOD, the PEOPLE WATCHING, the ADULT BEVERAGES - oh boy...what a fun time! If you've never been, you gotta go and if you have been, you know what I'm talking about (see Exhibit A below):
Exhibit A: Famous HURRICANE @ Pat O'Brien's 
The FOOD IS JUST BEYOND.....I had a bowl of chicken andouille gumbo at the GUMBO SHOP in the FRENCH QUARTER that was so good it made me wanna slap my grandma!

So my trip inspired (or maybe re-inspired) me to encourage (force) my children to try new foods. We all know kids can be picky eaters, but we have a rule in my house - The "NO THANK YOU BITE" (thanks to Jake and Baylie's wonderful Pre-K teacher Mrs. Becky)...everyone MUST take a "NO THANK YOU BITE"...meaning: you ask them if they'd like to try a bite, they say no thank you and you say TOO BAD, YOU GOTTA TRY IT! (I'm not sure that's exactly how she explained it, but I put my own spin on it :)....and I gotta say, it actually works! I swear some teachers are born with magical powers.

So the other night I whipped up a New Orleans style Shrimp dish with Cajun Rice & Beans


YUM! It has it all: shrimp, onions, garlic butter, tomatoes, creole seasoning, red beans and rice didn't miss her (you know you were singing it in your head)...all things my kids would cringe at if they knew they were in there...luckily, they weren't home when I made it,  they were out playing with their friends and lucky for me when they did return home, they both had worked up quite an appetite.

Baylie isn't usually as picky as Jake when it comes to trying new things. In fact, I'm sometimes blown away by what she likes versus what she doesn't like: I mean what kid would choose a salad with black olives, feta and sun-dried tomato dressing over a peanut butter & jelly sandwich? I've even tried to tempt her with a FLUFFER NUTTER (pretty much the only thing I ate when I was pregnant with her, I guess that explains it, nevermind!)... but that's my Baylie. Jake, on the other hand, could pretty much live on Chicken Fingers, Fries and Apple Juice. He'll eat his veggies and some other kid friendly foods, but he's usually not too keen on trying "exotic" things like sushi, whereas Baylie would prefer sushi over mac n' cheese.

Anyways, when they got home they were starving. So this is what they got. I didn't make a big fuss about making them try it, I just plopped it down in front of them and didn't give them a choice and you know what????


I'm not sure why, but watching them eat this dish made me feel really good (might've been the wine, but just go with it)...It was like I'd accomplished something as a mom...my kids actually like shrimp...they like a little spice...they'll eat red beans and rice ALL MIXED TOGETHER!


Friday, August 12, 2011

We interrupt this Blog.....

for an important announcement....it's MOMMY TIME!!!
I'm in Nawlins & I'll be back Monday (if all goes as planned!)
See ya then -Same time,same station (blog;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I don't know about you but when I had my first baby I had every intention of protecting him from "ALL THINGS BAD" (cue scary music) - MCDONALDS, TOO MANY SWEETS, TOO MUCH TV, JUICE BOX OVERLOAD, LUNCHABLES, VIDEO GAMES, ETC.
Gotta love those MCDONALDS French Fries!

FAST FORWARD to the present day and I'm sure it comes as no surprise to most "imperfect" parents like myself that I did NOT succeed in protecting my children from the outside world...oh well, I survived much worse during my own childhood and I'm sure they will too!

So long story short, I have a confession...I let my children play on our IPAD (gasp! Say it isn't so! I'm such a terrible mommy! NOT!) Hey, sometimes I need a little "mommy and me" time too and not with my kiddos.

As it turns out, I'm apparently not the ONLY one who allows my children to play with the IPAD (I know, I know, hard to believe, but it's true) it appears another mommy friend of mine from my good ol' college days (GO GATORS!) does too! But she found out the hard way that letting her kids play with the IPAD came with a very HEFTY PRICE TAG and it landed her on the evening news! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE STORY.

Good info! Please feel free to share with your other cool mommy friends!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Since it appears the world's coming to an end....

We got a puppy! (Yes, I believe my slow, steady progression to the nuthouse is underway) But seriously how could we resist?!
Meet Bash Bechtel
Btw, Bash is a 10 week old MALE Maltipoo, but Baylie insists on only using pink blankets, towels, toys, etc when she plays with him...I say WHATEVER WORKS!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

With all the bad news lately, I thought it would be fun to bring back two of the happiest newscasters around - Jake & Baylie. They sure do brighten my day and I hope they do the same for you!

Friday, August 5, 2011

"FLASHBACK FRIDAY" - Did he make it to DISNEY?...(cue music: dun, dun, dun...)

So I've already established that he's a determined little fella (still is), but determined enough to "scoot" 60 miles to Walt Disney World in the HOT Florida SUN? Watch and see....

He may be determined, but he ain't no dummy :)...Jake knows cruising in the A/C is the only way to go! And since it's almost the weekend, I'm going to go ahead and add PART 4 here too!
Too cute - huh? Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed capturing it on video. Hope you'll be back Monday, I'm going to share the interesting YouTube story that goes along with this...HOPE EVERYONE HAS AN AMAZING WEEKEND!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As promised, here's PART 2 of Jake's "wild ride" to Walt Disney World. Gotta love the kids determination!
Make sure to tune in tomorrow for PART 3 - did he make it ALL THE WAY TO Walt Disney World?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Time Machine Tuesday"...Oldie but OH SO GOODY! DISNEY!!!

This is PART ONE of what turned out to be an unforgettable FOUR PART series involving two of my favorite things on earth...my son Jake and Walt Disney World. It's one of those home videos that took on a life of its own and as a former news producer exceeded all of my expectations for what makes good TV. My sweet boy Jake simply wanted to ride his scooter to Disney World, he was barely 3 and had no idea how far it was from our house (60+ miles and it was HOT outside), watch what happened as cameras started rolling along with Jake's scooter :) 

(BTW...There's also a pretty cool BACK STORY to this video which I'll share after Part 4 airs...Hope you enjoy and share!!!)

Make sure to stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow...same time, same station...or BLOG!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


So, my friend Laura, who I've mentioned before (and secretly idolize for her style), is the inspiration for today's post...

It's all about BRIGHT IDEAS! And both are must-haves for women!

1. Ever heard of makeup with built-in LED LIGHTS? 
(If you have you probably want to stop reading because it's possible I'm behind the curve on this :)...If not, keep reading because this is really cool! Seriously, I can't believe I'm just now learning about this. Laura and I were out with some friends a few weeks back and she pulls out her lip gloss to freshen up, but this isn't your ordinary lip gloss (I guess I should come to expect nothing is ORDINARY when it comes to Laura!) When you open it, The side attached to the applicator LIGHTS UP! And as if that's not magnificent enough, there's a mirror on the side of the tube (a real mirror, not one of those fuzzy "funhouse" mirrors that are truly worthless) so you can watch as you apply, how cool is that? LOVE IT! You can check it out for yourself here --> LIGHT UP MAKEUP - they have light up nail polish and mascara too! (Btw, I'm not a paid spokesperson for this company, although that would be really cool, I just think this is a really cool concept and definitely a conversation starter if you're into that sort of thing.)

2. I ran across today's second MUST-HAVE during one of my marathon web surfing sessions (you know when you log on to check the weather for the next day and find yourself sitting in the same spot 4 hours later buying something you absolutely don't need but somehow convinced yourself you did because you're in a computer coma and you have no brain cells left anyways thanks to your kids?!). So I'm talking about LIGHT-UP SHOES and no, not SKECHERS (Thankfully, I'm not that far behind the fashion curve.) These are LIGHT UP HIGH HEELS! What will they think of next? Just plug 'em in, charge 'em up and dance the night away on your very own glow sticks :).  I know, I know, they cost an arm and a leg, but with the way things are going in Washington DC these days with the debt crisis we are all gonna be poor soon anyways, so might as well GO SHOPPING!!! (kidding, sort of!) HAPPY MONDAY!