Thursday, July 7, 2011

Well-meaning, albeit POINTLESS, MOM ADVICE

So I was perusing Facebook last night after I sweetly tucked my wonderful crazy children into bed at 8pm after watching the "Goodnight Show" on Sprout 10:30pm after 3 back-to-back episodes of "Phineas & Ferb" and came across a post from one of my friends, a new-er mom of a sweet, beautiful little boy. She was venting about her son not wanting to go to sleep. 

Here’s her FB post: 
Jane Smith (names have been changed) “wants to know why kids will fight sleep until the death!?!?!? Lol It is ridiculous!” 

We’ve all been there for sure, some more than others! My son didn’t sleep a solid 4 hours until he was about 13 months old and when he finally did sleep longer I thought...well, you know what I thought...let’s just say I checked his breathing too many times to count and because of that still didn't get a good night's sleep when I finally had a chance, can you say neuortic?

Of course, all of us fellow moms chimed in with our own thoughts, helpful advice, etc...the last response is one that always gets me, and before I share, I must come clean and say I’m guilty of doing this myself, so I am by no means pointing fingers maybe a little. It just seemed like something interesting to blog about and see if you agree with me.

The FB response:
“Hang in there, someday when he’s a teen, he won’t wake up until 2:00pm!” 

Seriously?! Is this supposed to make her feel better? Make her less tired? Be her "AH-HA moment" like on Oprah? "Oh, ok, if he's going to sleep in when he's a teenager, then that makes everything better. Good thing I posted this on Facebook. Thanks for the advice!" 

Like I mentioned, I’ve made similar comments to other moms, somehow thinking this is going to give them comfort in their current situation, but DOES IT? How does knowing that when your son is a teenager he’s going to sleep in until 2pm make staying up with him now until 2am any easier? Simple answer, it doesn’ why do we say these things to one another?

SO MY QUESTION TO YOU: What’s the most ridiculous comment or advice you’ve gotten from your mom, your friend, a fellow mom, maybe even a complete stranger... when you were venting about your baby not sleeping, or your struggles with potty training or ((fill in the blank))??? 

Please forward this along to other moms, if nothing else, the responses are sure to give us all a few laughs as we are trying to convince our little ones to go to bed even though the sun is still up in the summertime... 

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