Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aw Shucks...I don't know

Here's what my sweet daughter likes on her corn...or just in her bowl...a WHOLE stick of BUTTER!
So I was at Publix today, trying to cram in some shopping between volunteering in my son's class, going back to school for an IEP meeting, picking the kids up from school and meeting with a contractor about some upcoming Demo on our hall bath (btw, my husband is Tarpon fishing with his buddies in Boca Grande! - I'm not bitter :)...Anyhoooo....while in the produce section I came across the fresh bi-colored corn on special 12 for $3. Now I remember when I was little my grandma would buy this and we would stand there pulling the covering off the corn and throwing it into the trash can and I guess I always thought that was so that the corn would weigh less and in turn you would pay less - is this right? Am I the only one who goes into these long thought processes at the grocery store? I sometimes wonder why it always takes me so long to go shopping - ha! I'd love to know the answer, I know I can just google it but I'm hoping someone sees this and I get my first reply...Gotta run!!! Motherhood is calling :)

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